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New Beginnings

_IDoctorI_ a posted Tue at 16:06

Hello and Welcome! My name is Doc, the server's head admin and caretaker!

New Beginnings

As we move into the second month of the new year I would like to remind all of our current members, and those of you just coming in, that this server is still in Beta testing and is not advertised as being complete.

That being said however... we still have a plethera of options for our members when it comes to activities and features on the server, such as the following.

  • Towny
  • Jobs
  • Brewery
  • Economy
  • McMMO

We would also like to thank incoming members for being patient, as our staff operate under a work load and ask that if there's anything we can do to help just to ask! 


- Doctor.

Our Stack

kita85 a posted May 24, 15


kita85: Front-end Dev _IDoctorI_: Administrator   TSLordPred: Administrator CherryCheesecake: Administrator

Our New Mascot

kita85 a posted May 18, 15

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We Are Back

kita85 a posted May 18, 15

SnapTowny is back and under new managment.

Our plugin set up is as follows:


Towny is a versatile, player-controlled land management world that will allow people to work together as allies or turn to against each other as enemies.

*War has yet to be decided.


Skyblock is a type of survival that is challenge orientated. You spawn on an island in the sky with limited (but enough) resources and must expand your island to become an empire. Skyblock allows for you to add teams and accept challenges with /challenge.

Creative-Towny (subcribers)

Contains all of the benifits of the free Towny world but allows players to build on a flat world while in creative.

Creative-Plots (subcribers)

Unlike Creative-Towny, Creative-Plots is a simple creative world that allows players to claim a 32x32 area that they can build freely. This is a great place to make a home that requires no taxes or residents to take care of.

Twitch (subcribers)

Our server will broadcast Twitch streams that you wont want to miss! These streams will be random and you will never know what to expect! Want to join the fun? Become a subscriber to access the world.

*Looking for players to host Twitch streams