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Voting is up!~~

_IDoctorI_ a posted Apr 17, 16

Check the Side Bar for all 13 voting links!

Thank you so much for voting!!

Friends Of SnapGaming!

_IDoctorI_ a posted Apr 17, 16

Hello all! Its Doc, back with some exciting news!

From now on players will receive a monetary bonus (in-game cash) for inviting players to the server!


Invite your friends!

New Beginnings

_IDoctorI_ a posted Feb 2, 16

Hello and Welcome! My name is Doc, the server's head admin and caretaker!

New Beginnings

As we move into the second month of the new year I would like to remind all of our current members, and those of you just coming in, that this server is still in Beta testing and is not advertised as being complete.

That being said however... we still have a plethera of options for our members when it comes to activities and features on the server, such as the following.

  • Towny
  • Jobs
  • Brewery
  • Economy
  • McMMO

We would also like to thank incoming members for being patient, as our staff operate under a work load and ask that if there's anything we can do to help just to ask! 


- Doctor.

Our Stack

kita85 a posted May 24, 15


kita85: Front-end Dev _IDoctorI_: Administrator   TSLordPred: Administrator CherryCheesecake: Administrator

Our New Mascot

kita85 a posted May 18, 15

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